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Model Details: [Imperial]_Drainage - AB&I Foundry-Cast Iron-No-Hub

Manufacturer: AB&I FOUNDRY
Type: Autodesk Service File
Sub Type: OEM Service
File Name: TS-OEM - Drainage - AB&I Foundry-Cast Iron-No-Hub_v1.iez
File Type: MAP Service File (.iez)
Keywords: drainage, Cast Iron, No Hub
Dim Type: Imperial
Submitted By: mapadmin
Submitted: 08/05/15
Updated: 08/05/15
Revision: 1
File Size: 865 KB
No of Items: 66

Notes Submitted:5/8/2015

Manufacturer = AB&I Foundry
Content type = Public Health and Fittings
Range = Ho-Hub
Material =Cast Iron
Gauge = ASTM A888 (Custom)
Finish = N/A

List prices = Included
Installation times =Included
Hyperlinks to source data =Included

For more information visit the manufacturers website.

Associated Documents
Mapprod-OEM - Drainage - ABandI Foundry-Socket-Cast Iron-No-Hub_v1.csv 08/05/15

Mapprod Entries_v1

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